Rolling Body Massager

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About this product

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: BeNat's body massager provides amazing relief and relaxation. According to studies, it works on the human body's reflex zone of meridian points. Designed for shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, legs, calves, thighs, hips, waist, or muscle tension. ERGONOMIC. Easy to grip. The design allows you to better massage the muscles, improve the body's immune function, achieve the effects of decompression, repel fatigue, improve sleep, and increase blood circulation making your skin brighter. It helps relieve pain, soreness, aches, and knots. BALLS ROTATE EASILY: Just applying pressure while rolling is easy to use and great for pre- and post-workout, as it helps warm-up muscles. HIGH QUALITY: Made of stainless steel material, which is durable, safe, and wear-resistant. PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT. Convenient in small size, compact design, and is easy to carry.