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Peppermint Magnesium Balm

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About this product

✔️ Plant Based ✔️ Cruelty Free ✔️ Eco Friendly Rich, creamy and naturally scented, this Peppermint Magnesium Cream is all about relief and relaxation. Help replenish the magnesium in your body by absorbing it topically and reap the benefits of a mineral required for many bodily functions. - Magnesium helps relax nerves therefore relieving tension and aiding in rest and sleep. - Apply to sore muscles for relief or to the bottom of your feet for a better night's sleep. - Due to the menthol component, Peppermint Essential Oil may help with tension. Directions Apply all over body or where ever you may feel sore. Rinse hands after application. For external use only. UnTamed Naturals does not make any medical claims. Always store natural products in a cool and dry place, avoid getting water in jar.