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Organic Rose Water Toner

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About this product
Organic Bulgarian rose water (like the real deal I don't even know how I got this lucky to have this ingredient collection haha), high in anti-inflammatory + rich antioxidants is known for it's amazing PH balancing abilities.

Helps to reduce redness, hydrate and gently remove excess dirt + oil from the skin. Cold pressed Japanese Tsubaki oil, high in skin loving oleic acids, vitamins A, B, D, + E and nourishing omega 3, 6 +9 is a natural emollient, astringent, antimicrobial and contains anti-aging properties protecting the skin fro damaging free radicals.

Doubles as a life changing mist to refresh during the day anddd protip: give yourself a mist after shaving, literally the best. Don't forget to shake first!

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing, spray directly onto cotton round and sweep across face in upward, outward motions. Spray liberally throughout the day as needed to lock in moisture and refresh.