Brand Ambassador

Why is WTD seeking out ambassadors?

            We the Dreamerz is seeking out brand ambassadors for the fall 2018 semester. We are wanting to grow our brand and immerse ourselves with the college environment of our Ames location and the community involvement of our Carroll location. We are seeking out these ambassadors to be the connection between our storefronts and the college and the community.


Who is a brand ambassador?

            Our brand ambassador will be someone who is true with the We the Dreamerz brand. This person will be someone who will influence our target audience and create a broader social media influence. They will be featured in our photoshoots and social media campaigns, along with guest post on our blog.


Responsibilities for a brand ambassador include:

            Creating content and buzz for the storefronts – to do this, you will be posting our products to your feeds, once per week and tagging us within the post.

            Answer questions and campaign within your community – this will consist of being there for the store when others around have questions. Educating yourself on our products and brand and being able to “sell” the store without being in it. You will also be representing the storefront at events around the community and on campus when requested to do so.

            Give feedback – we get many new products in, clothing and shoes, beauty, and accessories. When you try a product, give us feedback on what you like about it or what you would change to make it better. We carry a lot of handmade products and their creators would love to hear this feedback.

            Attend events – we do photoshoots for our lookbooks approximately once each month. This will be an event that you need to attend. Other than the lookbook shoots, you may be asked to attend an open house, sale day, or pop up shop for an appearance.


Benefits of our brand ambassador program:

            Flexible schedule – because this is not like any day-to-day job, you will be able to post at your own times and attend events and meetings as it fits to your schedule and other activities. This brand ambassador program is solely based on your current involvement and activities.  

            Gain experience – you will be working with an established fashion boutique that is currently working on their expansion process. This is a huge process when it comes to brand building and representation. Expansion and rebranding is a very long and tedious process that takes much hard work and lots of learning. This is a great time to learn about target markets, fashion buying and styling, photography, website building, and marketing and advertising.

            Exposure and Networking opportunities – you will be gaining exposure with our connections, along with being able to make your own new connections. You will have exposure on our social media channels as well as at our events. Make your connections our connections by showing us talented friends and acquaintances of your own!

            Perks – not only do you get to participate in our day-to-day product shoots but you will also be able to participate in our lookbook shoots. Along with this you will have a regular discount of 15%! Not only do you get discounts, but you also get first access to our newest product. A one time use discount code will also be given at the beginning of the month for family and friends to use towards a purchase!

Email with any questions!