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Crystal Ellis founder of Tre-Sisu jewelry built her brand off being an artist.  With a family that always encouraged her to create. It was easy to be inspired by her father’s photography, grandmother’s sewing, or her grandfather’s jewelry.  An artistic family is what drove her to love painting, designing, and about anything that involves creating. Everything from interior design to jewelry, nothing is off limits. 



Making the jewelry brand on the belief that women needed designs as multi-faceted as their identities. By not limiting her lines, she has grown her company to include fashion jewelry and fine jewelry that is both classic and current. Having created handmade jewelry since 2000, Ellis began crafting fine jewelry in 2013, garnering much positive reception for her application of unique designs and genuine stones. In 2016 she began working for some of the boutiques that carried her jewelry. Learning first hand what the public was looking for in jewelry, she continues to stay relevant in design while staying true to quality.  


Ellis refuses to be boxed in, and that well-crafted freedom is expressed in her continually evolving collections and one of a kind designs. In the future she hopes to incorporate her original paintings to her website.  Also to inevitably do pop ups while traveling. She sees the business growing so her brand can expand to accessories as well as artwork. She always chooses a charity annually for a portion of her proceeds go to help those in need. This year she chose the Y. E.S. Program. A organization that helps homeless and at risk youth. 


Instagram :  tre_sisu

Facebook:   @Tre.Sisu.Jewels

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