Spring Jewelry Trends

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The Spring/ Summer 2019 fashion runways were full of all kinds of really exciting jewelry trends! Colorful and statement jewelry was seen all over the runway this year! Dainty jewelry is no longer as popular this year as thick hoops & chain necklaces are!
 1. Thick Hoops 
Hoops are a fashion trend that will never go out of style!! This season the popular style is taking on more of a bulkier shape!! These earrings are bound to make a statement with every outfit you wear!
2. Chains
Chain necklaces & earrings are popping up everywhere on runways & retail stores! There are so many different ways to style & wear this chain jewelry trend!
 3. Celestial Jewelry
Celestial jewelry is a trend that has been popping in and out over the years. You can really make a statement pairing any celestial jewelry with your outfit!!
 4. Drop Earrings
Drop earrings are the perfect piece to wear if you want a statement piece! You can always find a dangle earring that is bold & will make your outfit stand out! You can go for a more simple earring or a print like the one below! The second pair of dangle earrings are great because they are very unique but can be worn with so many outfits!
I hope you love these trends & try some of them out this spring!
- Brenna

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