Simple Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe

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1. Accessorize
A new scarf, purse or shoes can really freshen up your whole look! Changing up your accessories also allows you to try out seasonal colors & trends without changing your whole look!
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2. Upcycle
Personally this is one of my favorite ways to change up my wardrobe! Sometimes all we need to do is give our clothes a little TLC. This could be turning an old pair of jeans into shorts or changing that baggy t-shirt you use to love into a more fitted cropped shirt.
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3. Shop your closet
Sometimes by going through and organizing your closet you will find pieces you use to love! Often times our closets will get so packed with clothes that we forget what we have! You can fall in love with the pieces again that you once forgot about!
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4. Work with Bold prints & Patterns
One of the easiest ways to refresh your wardrobe is to introduce prints into your looks! Pairing a bold cheetah skirt with a plain white tee can really bring your whole look to life! 
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5. Think Outside The Box
Look beyond a garments original purpose & think of other ways it could be styled! You can pair a t-shirt over top of your favorite summer dresses for the fall time! In the winter you can pair a tank top over a tight long sleeve shirt & add a blazer for a edgier look!
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I hope these tips will help you to freshen up your wardrobe & find more inspiration for your outfits!

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