Shell Rae Designs: Shelby Mitchell


Hello! My name is Shelby and I’m a 24 year old, resident of Ames, IA. I am originally from Emmetsburg, IA, but moved to Ames to pursue a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design. I am married to my loving husband Michael. I work full time as a professional Graphic Designer in Ames just around the corner from We the Dreamers! My hobbies include painting, digital illustrating, and making things.



ShellRae Designs started as a hobby with my mom, Shell, who lives and works in Emmetsburg, IA. My mom owns a gift and floral shop. A lot of what she does is personalization. The idea for the earrings struck from the versatility of the laser cutting machine she uses daily. We are always thinking of new and fun ideas to design and sell. My mom is truly my inspiration and biggest supporter, along with my husband, which helps make entrepreneurial dreams like this happen. Fun Fact: ShellRae is literally a combination of our names Shell Mae and Shelby Rae!


We began developing the laser cut wooden earrings in November 2018. So, although we are very new to the earring business, I believe these earrings are cutting edge. Not only are they lightweight and go with any outfit, they are completely different from what is out there. The design and personalization capabilities are endless.


I’m excited to see where ShellRae Designs goes!

**These gorgeous wood earrings range $10-$18! Head to our facebook page to see how you can win a free pair!! 

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