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Fall weather is creeping among us here in Iowa, which is surprising considering it is still July. Nonetheless, the fall trends have begun to arrive here at We the Dreamerz, and I am sharing one of our pre-fall collection pieces with you here today.


Fall weather always brings out my love for richer colors and layering everything. Since we are not quite to that point yet, I will just be starting to reach for the richer colors. Colors that we anticipate seeing more of this fall include the usual mustard, burgundy and olive, but also we plan on seeing more jewel toned colors as well. Think magenta, emerald and plum.


Color is something that sets the tone and mood of an outfit. It can tell a story when the whole thing is complete. I have always thought of dressing as a way of showing your personality, no matter what that may be.


Every person has a set of colors that they naturally gravitate towards, and mine are earth tones, so it really is no surprise that I was immediately in love with this piece when it arrived at the store late last week.


In the photoset included, we style this mustard midi skirt with a basic white v-neck tee. The midi skirt is embroidered with mustard floral, so it is a statement piece that is also subtle and cohesive all at the same time. There are a couple little buttons at near the top at the waist for a little detail and a center slit in the front to create the ability to move around more easily. A simple white v-neck is always in style to me. Pairing it with a dressier skirt like this makes it more versatile depending on the accessories that you are adding to the outfit. For this outfit, we went with a simple gold and faux pearl necklace that hits right around the collar bone, but is adjustable, and some round, gold glasses that have a clear lens but still include that UV protection that your eyes need from the sunlight.


Take this skirt further into fall and winter by pairing with a sweater and some flats or closed toed heels or booties!


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