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Welcome back! 

New to the blog this year, we are going to be sharing a bit about some of our most loved brands that we work with and carry. We will share what makes that brand unique and why we have chosen to carry them at We the Dreamerz. We want to ensure to our customers (you) that we have specially chosen the pieces and brands that we have because we know that they will benefit you! 

Today we are sharing a little bit about one of our favorite brands to work with and carry at the store, JACK by BB DAKOTA. You have seen this brand in store and online for quite some time now. They create unique pieces that have AMAZING quality. 

We will typically get several pieces by this brand in each month. Each of their collections is designed to be interchanged. All of the pieces play into a theme and most often can be worn together. This makes it so extremely easy to wear their pieces. 

As I mentioned earlier the quality is there with these pieces, so they are 100% worth it. Especially when they are as great as these pieces are. We carry an array of products by them, but we typically carry many of their coats and jackets at the store. They each have unique features or patterns and colors and are reliable pieces to wear consistently. 

Some of my current favorites in the store by JACK are:


Floral Celebration Jumper - $68

Color Me Suede Dress - $68

Raining on my Brocade Dress - $68

Some of my favorite pieces from past JACK collections that we carried at the store are: 

Summer Celebration Dress - $64

Southern Comfort Dress - $68

Winter Holiday Dress - $48

Thanks for reading along Dreamerz! See you Sunday for our next post! 



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