Meet the Model: Gina Mishark☆ // Gallery + Q/A

Q: Who is Gina Mishark?

A. an avid reader
B. a Carroll High Student
C. 2nd Place winner at the Archery World Tournament
D. all of the above



D - all of the above.
This week’s model feature is on Carroll local, Gina Mishark.
Like Lexi Ragaller, Gina also modeled for the Aveda fashion show last year.

note: I always think the “relationship” between model + photographer is HUGE. If you don’t have a good relationship between the two, the pictures always show.
Gina and I def bounce ideas really well off of each other and have from the get-go.
Gina has been a long time shopper so I always grow a smile on my face when I see her.
Like I said before, Gina and I definitely work well together but we get a little…*extra* when it comes to photoshoots.
(you’ll see what I mean)
Gina and I had been wanting to shoot for a while now but life comes up.
She reached out this last time with something like:
“fab! I wanna shoot!” 
I said something like 
“yas! does tuesday work?” 
Tuesday came, Gina got hit with a bunch of homework, so we said
Wednesday finally came.....
......and was also the coldest day of the week :| 
we still shot though ;)
for a little bit at least.
After the first few sets of pictures we decided to try to keep it indoors.
we may or may not have turned the Carroll store into a little studio :/ (sorry jader)
RORY CROP // $24
a few rap and Ariana Grande songs later - especially Ari’s newest song “7 rings” -- and we ended up at the laundromat lol. 
These picture/location combinations have been done so many times so I figured it was time to finally do my take on them.
They turned pretty dang cool actually. 
the laundramat wasnt cutting at some point so we ended up at the Local walmart.
That's where this cereal isle picture came from.
Q + A 
Q: so, where do you go to school?  
A: I currently attend Carroll High School, and next year I’ll be attending Iowa State University to major in either Kinesiology or Chemistry.
Q: what are your hobbies?  
A: I LOVE to read, I also love to (try) to cook. The key word is try. 
looool, same. It's all about the process, baby!! 
Q: what is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
A: One of my favorite things to do in the ENTIRE world is to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine, also to listen to old Dolly Parton bangers (Here You Come Again)
Q: what is/are your dream/s?
A: One of my dreams is to either be a physician or a physical therapist.
Q:What makes you feel confident?
A: I feel the most confident when I’m doing something I love; like playing volleyball, talking about books with another “book-addict,” or cooking.  
Q: whats your style inspo?
A: I’m not going to lie to you, I’m usually wearing sweatpants. But when I do dress up, I’d say my inspiration spurs mostly from the “classy-casual” vibe. I love to wear a dressier piece with something like tennis shoes. I’m also obsessed with how well the Kardashian’s can rock heels with sweats.
Q: do you have celebrity style’s you admire? 
A: Somewhere between Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain. 
both girls have iconic styles. we definitely played off the KJ vibe at our last shoot
Q: what is your favorite season to dress for? 
A: My favorite season to dress for is Summer. I love the warm weather and swimsuits and how happy everyone looks. 
Q: what is your favorite book?
A: My favorite book is either The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, or The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Q: fav song, aside from that new Ari bop we luv ;)
A: My favorite song right now is “WESTWORLD” by EVAN GIIA. 
Q: current makeup favs?
A: My favorite eyeshadow palette is Audacity by Lancome. The formula is perfect and builds really well.
my ma and I are so incredibly obsessed w/ Lancome.
You have to try their foundation + powders. 
Q: if you were a nail polish, what would it look like?
A: If I were a nail polish, I’d be a dark gray, with a little bit of shimmer. I’m pretty minimalistic, but every now and then I like to be “extra.”
I think this is a lot funnier to me because of the way i imagine you saying it hahaha 
Q: favorite go to shoe?
A: My “go-to” shoes are definitely my converse. They’re super versatile and look good with anything. You can wear them with sweats, jeans, or even a dress and catch a 70s vibe. 
Q: what is your favorite piece in your closet?
A: My favorite piece in my closet is one of my Grandpa’s old Champion sweatshirts. It’s totally “on-trend” and it’s the COMFIEST piece of clothing I own and I always get compliments when I wear it. And plus, it has a lot of sentimental value to me.
Q:  favorite way to keep up with trends? 
A: probably VSCO. I feel like everyone is true to themselves and their style on VSCO and that’s where a lot of trends start. 
Q: what is one of your proudest achievements? 
A: I used to shoot archery, and when I was 13 I won the National Tournament, then placed second at the World Tournament. Basically, I peaked at 13.
I'd like to caption this "bad b since 2000"
hahahahha. I 100% didn't believe this until Gina sent me the link to the article.
Q: finally, what makes you a dreamer? 
A: What makes me a dreamer is my ability to stay hopeful and to never stop fighting for what I want. 
You can find Gina on Instagram (@ginamishark) and us always over at @we.the.dreamerz +
- fab. 

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