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Fab here again with another ambassador interview!

We've been wanting to do this with every gal that's a part of our Brand Ambassador Program

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but working everyone's busy schedules have proven to be quite difficult. 

This was especially hard to do with our ambassador Karlee since she lives in Fort Dodge BUT We finally nailed down a Saturday and begun our interview! 


FABI: I know you obviously! but for those who don’t- who are you and what do you do?
KARLEE: My name is Karlee Jones. I went to {high} school here in Carroll. 
My family still lives here- I have four younger siblings that live here in town so I come here as much as I can. 
I’m currently a sophomore at Iowa Central and I’ll be graduating there with my degree in arts + science! 
FABI: That’s so exciting! 
KARLEE: I know! I’m getting a general degree since I don’t know what I want to do quite yet. 
But other than that, I also work at a local brewery in Fort Dodge called Shiny Top!
FABI: What’s it like? 
Karlee: It’s different than a regular bar- there's a bunch of different crowds that come in. My boss actually brews all of his beers on site! 
FABI: So describe your style for me, what kind of things do you usually wear? 
KARLEE: Ooo, that’s a hard one. 
So I don’t even know how to describe my style because I feel like I LIKE everything! 
It depends on what I’m doing and what I’m in the mood for. 
FABI: I am the SAME exact way! Jade and I call each other fashion chameleons because we just don’t have one aesthetic. 
I personally have my color palette I like to go for, but I literally go from glam to grunge and I love every style just the same!
Karlee: oh I agree! It also definitely depends on how much time I have to get ready and if I have time to go and put together a really cute outfit. 
I’ll wear whatever. 
FABI: if your closet was on fire, what is one item you would save? 
KARLEE: my jean jacket! I feel like you can wear it with EVERYTHING. 
It has a bunch of rips on it, it's bigger + oversized. 
FABI: oooh, yes! I’ve definitely been into oversized things myself. I love being able to look cozy/fashionable. 
Next q: what is the priciest piece in your closet?
Karlee: I would definitely have to be a pair of jeans, my Uggs, or Birkenstocks!
Fabi: favorite color, hobbies?
KARLEE: my favorite color is yellow because it’s a happy color. 
As for my free time- I like to hang out with my friends and family. 
I also love to sing + dance! I’m in show choir and do music + theater at IC, I actually have a show next week- should be fun!
FABI: what’s the show? 
KARLEE: The play is called “trouble in paradise junction” 
Fabi: what are you looking forward to the most with the brand ambassador program?
Karlee: I’m looking forward to coming in and shopping here more. I’m also excited about getting out the brand and spreading out the name to people who I go to school with in Fort Dodge. 
The stuff you guys have here is really cool + unique and I think people would definitely shop with you guys from there.
Lastly, I also hope to grow my fashion taste along the way.
fabi: What is your favorite piece from We the Dreamers that you own/have seen? 
Karlee: you guys just posted a big sweater that I love! 
It was like color blocks of teal, grey, white.
I know I did get some of those tube tops when I was in here this summer! 
FABI: oh yasss!! I remember those! I also remember you modeled for the store and we posted those photosets of you and Ellie in them- they literally sold out a week after.
Before, on, and even after the Fourth of July people were still coming in asking for them with your pictures on their phones!
KARLEE: people were even asking me! they were such a big hit all around.
FABI: last question: what makes you a dreamer? 
KARLEE: I love that I’m willing to wear a little of everything. I love people, I love clothes + I feel like being an ambassador- the biggest thing is being able to share the awesomeness of this store with others. 
One of my favorite traditions is to let the girls pick their first outfit entirely on her own. While this maintains to be one of my favorite icebreakers, it's still exciting to see what they come up with! 
Karlee's first outfit was very her (especially considering the fact that her favorite color is yellow)


I present to you
*drum roll*
the Anti-Karlee
While Karlee's style is very bright, fun + casual, this outfit is monochromatic. 
I remember googling "New York street fashion" and this image of Alessandra Ambrosio came up 
(source: Getty Images)
I showed this to her, said "this is my inspo for your next outfit" and the rest is history. 
The hard part was convincing Karlee that a middle part miiiiight look good on her. We spent a solid 30 minutes debating if it was a good idea or not. 
I evidently won and she ROCKED IT. 
While I don't think Karlee will be rocking anything similar to these bold looks like these again anytime soon, i appreciate how down she was to try something new! 

Rachel Zoe once said "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" and I truly think Karlee's personal style does just that. 
We're so excited to work with Karlee again soon + make more fun content like this for ya'll!
In the meantime, feel free to follow her on Instagram to keep up with all things Karlee :)
- stay fab. 

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