McGovern Woodworking: Joe & Paige McGovern


Joe has been a software engineer at Workiva for the past 6 years and Paige stays at home with their one year old Eden Grace and gets to work part time at their church.

We have been married for 2 1/2 years and got married our senior of college. A year and 1/2 later Eden Grace joined our team and it has been so fun. We love to read, be outside, travel and love to be with family and friends. One of our favorite things to do is to have people sit at our table with us for dinner and just connect, laugh and we love playing board games.

Joe started woodworking two years ago when we looked at our life and realized we were consuming so much than we were creating. Whether it was Netflix, social media, or just walking through life letting things pass by us, we realized their wasn’t a healthy balance in our lives. We believe we were made to be creators and good stewards of the things around us, and so we felt uncomfortable with how little we were actually putting our hands and mind to.

So, that winter, having no woodworking experience at all, Joe made a coffee table out of old pallet wood with Paige’s dad in 10 degree weather in their barn. From there, Joe has found such a deep joy and satisfaction from putting his hands to work to make a variety of wood pieces. What started as making rustic looking, pallet/soft wood furniture has slowly turned into an appreciation for turning a piece of hardwood into an piece of beauty and function. He has recently enjoyed making cutting boards, charcuterie boards and kitchen table center pieces.
Just as Joes understanding and appreciation for woodworking has already evolved so much, we know it will only continue to do so. As much as Joe loves to woodwork, there’s a simplicity in not ever doing it full-time. At the moment, we simply enjoy creating a few unique pieces for the community around us, and hopefully inspiring them as well to be a people of creativity.

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