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Hello fellow dreamerz! 

Hannah here telling you about some exciting news that we have brewed up! We are officially launching out first ever, brand ambassador campaign! 

Something that I have been dreaming about for a long while now is finally coming to life! We have created a page on our website with all the information on how to apply for this AMAZING opportunity! 

We the Dreamerz is so excited to be launching this campaign because we really want to incorporate our brand into the lives of our customers. We are looking forward to many things when it comes to the new brand ambassadors, so take a look at this list of things that we are excited for:

  • photoshoots 
  • guest blogs
  • special events
  • community and campus immersion
  • feedback on product 
  • networking and new experiences 

We have many goals with this program as well, and we are hoping that launching now and building our program over this semester will help us to reach these ones and be able to help us to set new ones for next semester as well. Follow along here on the blog as we plan to reach these goals:

  • grow our community and campus representation 
  • participate in more events
  • host pop-up shops with other vendors and groups 
  • grow our social media presence 
  • create new and exciting experiences for our customers 
  • get to know our customers better

Stay tuned to our blog page to keep updated on what our ambassadors will be working with us on this semester and for the changes that are coming to We the Dreamerz in the coming months! It truly is a big year for us and we are all very excited to be here sharing in this journey! 

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  • Oh my gosh, I am so excited to read this announcement! How do I apply?! Do you have to be going to college to become an ambassador?

    Sidney Snyder on

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