Beauty Review: Lapcos Face Masks

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Happy Sunday!

Today we're going to tell you about our oh-so-amazing facemask line! 

We currently have Lapcos sheet masks in store and they are a HOT beauty item amongst our Dreamerz.

Whether you want to treat yourself or treat a friend, it's hard to go wrong with quick + easy skincare for only $3/each. (or $14 for our variety sets)


Here's the lo-down on our masks:

VITA C: brightens, vitalizes, and illuminates skin.


ESCARGOT heals and rejuvenates skin through conditioning.

CICA: supports the skins regenerative power and alleviates redness through healing, calming and moisturizing.

SEAWEED: gives the skin a fresh and clear complexion through purifying, conditioning and smoothing.

RED WINE: tightens and firms the skin along with brightening and smoothing the skin.  

D R E A M 

T E A M 


Brenna's personal favorite is the seaweed mask because she has dry skin and it leaves her skin extremely hydrated and plump! Which is so important in this cold weather! 

Hannah's personal favorite is the cica mask. She has combination skin with some trouble acne spots along with some scarring from past breakouts. This mask left her skin soft and smooth along with hydrated and glowing. 


Fabi's personal favorite is escargot! The beauty mask is best known for healing + rejuvenating skin.  

"The escargot face mask is one I instantly gravitated to due to it's claimed performance. My face is uber sensitive as it is so when winter rolls around, the frigid air + dry heaters always create an issue. 

I love using this or any other one of our masks as a little pick me up when I know my skin is in a little TLC."


Don't believe us? Come check them out yourself! We'll help you find the perfect mask for your specific skin concern. 

Besides, for only $3/single sets, it's definitely worth the try.


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