Back to School Giveaway: Part Two

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Have you ever felt like there are some people who just vibrate at the same frequency as you? Maybe you met them once at a party and had a really deep conversation, only know them via social media, made eye contact with them for 4 seconds in downward dog during hot yoga (Shout out to Katelyn my queen, my rock, my ride or die)

Or maybe she took your order once at an Abelardos and had the most fire eyeliner you’ve ever seen and now she's your best friend. 


The interaction however brief, face to face or not, you felt something. That girl is part of your tribe, you felt it in your bones.


That is the spirit in which I came up with the name for my store We the Dreamerz. This is the vibe I get so strongly from Melissa, and I was BEYOND ecstatic when we drew her name for our back to school giveaway!

For those of you who didn’t see our giveaway, we selected one winner from 200+ women who liked, commented, and shared our post or shopped in store during a one week period in September. The giveaway included hair by Valor & Violet, makeup by Powder Studio, a styling session by two of our stylists, a photography session by Fabi- our photographer, and a $100 gift certificate to the store!

I’m excited for you to get to know our winner Melissa and to share this fantastic collaboration!


Melissa is the mother of three incredible children. She’s in her final year of grad school to be a clinical therapist on top of working two jobs. She works with adults with mental illness to get them out in the community. In addition, through her internship, she also helps families and children that need extra assistance. She mentioned that her grandfather- who was a priest- always said this was her way of spreading love and light into the world.

**(Jade’s Commentary) Lol, so true & so beautiful. Her daily interactions with people are impacting their lives for the better. This makes my heart happy.

In her free time, she enjoys making unique dream catchers! Her goal is to learn how to make traditional ones. She loves them so much that her whole wedding was decorated with them! (check out @lissylohmann's Instagram for pictures)

** (Jade’s Commentary) We must talk about these dream catchers I want to sell them in the store! I’ve seen them they’re gorgeous. At the very least I need one for my apartment. (lol) Also, your wedding was gorgeous! The Henna you & the bridal party had was stunning!

One of her other fav. shows is Game of Thrones! Her Facebook bio reads: Melissa of House Madigan-Queen of Mermaids-Breaker of Bread(Pizza)-Mother of Monsters-Kahlohmann 

**(Jade’s Commentary) Me too, boo boo! Omg, I literally almost ordered a $300 costume on Etsy last year so I could be the Mother of dragons. I didn’t because I didn’t end up attending a Halloween party, but furthermore I should probably try to make a costume before spending $300 on one.

Her favorite food is pizza! She will have it from anywhere and at any time. But if she had to pick a favorite it would be at Gusto’s Pizza Co. (yum)

**(Jade’s commentary) Fridays fongs $5 drinks & you get a slice of pizza, lets go.

When asked what makes her confident she told us that it is something she is always working on but thinking about graduating as a single mom with three kids and doing grad school keeps her going.

Since statistics would say otherwise, that drives her to do better.

** (Jade’s commentary) So true! Some days I feel like a goddess & some days I feel like the person who might run the goddess a bath or get her breakfast, & then I remember I am all of those things & that there are just some days we’re gonna feel more one way then the other. How much you’ve accomplished as a single mom of three is truly inspiring & it pushes me & I’m sure many others around you to want to do better every day. 

Her style is very boho with a 70’s vibe. She loves unique items just like the ones she finds at We the Dreamerz.

**Jade’s commentary) O Stahhhp.. you're making me blush! Just kidding don’t stop. I hope you really said this & that my interviewer didn’t add this for effect. Lmao

Her celebrity icon right now is Blake Lively. She is loving her current style how she is branching out and wearing unique pieces.

As for her favorite season to dress for, it's Fall! We all love getting a fresh pair of jeans and an adorable sweater for the colder months.

If she were a nail polish she would be a dark matte color.

**Jade’s Commentary) Me too!!! Matte black nails forever!

Her favorite kind of shoe is anything that covers her toes! She never wears open-toed shoes. However, her long toes have helped her in many ways, for example, pick up toys while holding her sleeping kids.

**Jade’s Commentary) Lmao I love this you’re the realest. I actually just messaged you this on Insta. As this is my favorite part of this interview. Let's all take this time to look at our one random toe that is longer than all the rest.

Her favorite piece in her closet is her Husband’s football sweatshirt because it has his last name and makes her feel comforted.

**Jade’s Commentary) awwww. This is adorbs. You both are the cutest!

She keeps up with trends by watching her 15 and 14-year-old. They will be honest about her outfits to keep her young.

**Jade’s Commentary) why are 14/15-year-olds so much more stylish then we were at that age. I'm so jealous.

When asked what her biggest dream in life was she said,

“When I think about my future I want to be that old lady with long gray hair, wearing overalls, working in the garden. With all of my grandchildren around.”

**Jade’s Commentary) This dream gives me life. Ugh we’re soul sisters.


Most of our interactions have been in the store, through her loyalty as a customer, or me creeping on her via social media because her views, her vibrations align similarly with mine & our day to day lives don’t allow us to cross paths as much as I would like!


**Side note if someone lights your fire on social media, do what you can to make contact with them in “the real”. #letsmakemoreladyfriends #buildyotribe


Anyway, I was soooooo bummed when I was unable to attend the shoot because she is for me everything in a woman that inspires me, everything the store is about, & someone I’m so excited for you all to know!


I had my best girls on the scene though! Shout out to Fabi our photographer & stylist, Hannah our stylist, Meredith our Stylist & interviewer, Madeline from Valor & Violet Salon on hair, & Kelly of Powder Studio on makeup!! You ladies rock! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest & thank you Melissa for your support, the amazing shoot!!!

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