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My name’s Anahy Corujo, I am from Puerto Rico born and raised.

I’m currently in my first year of core in the college of design. I make original hand painted pieces that I sell online and through We the Dreamerz.

Family is the most important thing, my mom an artist in her own way has inspired me to be a better version of myself. As I grew she found out the love I had for art,she would take me to museums and to historical places. A lot of my art is inspired by her stories and knowledge.

My siblings have been very encouraging to follow my vision. I started ARD with the intention of sharing the feeling of art with loved ones. ARD began during highschool I was surrounded by extremely creative people that I hold dear in my heart. We would share ideas on the daily and talk about the future. The first time I decided to start the t shirts was after having conversation with one of my friends, I was anxious to create but I didn’t have the materials. She then told me to work with what I had because with time comes experience and everything else takes time. That’s when I decided to start with what I had, a white t shirt and acrylic paint. From that point on I have not stopped creating. I started collaborating with other talented artist, and attending music, and poetry events where I would sell my pieces.

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