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Hey Dreamerz! Hannah here talking about my favorite spring denim trends!

I am a denim lover, through and through. I wear jeans year round, basically every single day. It is a rare day to see me in something other than jeans. It really isn't that strange to always be wearing jeans but I even prefer jeans over leggings when hanging around my house. They keep my productive.

Saying all of that, you know I have my staple jeans that I will wear and wear until they are done for, and then I will go and buy the same exact jeans again if they are still being made. I am a tried and true when it comes to my jeans. 9 times out of 10, you can catch me in denim from We the Dreamerz. It is just so stinking great! 
Now, taking into consideration that a majority of my jeans are all from one brand, how can I continue to be satisfied with their jean selection over and over again? It's because they are consistently creating quality jeans in various styles and colors for each season at a great price point.
There are three jeans that you will be finding me in for spring, but you will find me in them year-round really. They will just be perfect paired with my spring wardrobe and shoe selection!
First on the list is my all time favorite, because they are oh-so-flattering! The dark wash, high rise, button fly jeans with a released hem. They are my constant when it comes to jeans. I always grab these when packing for a weekend away or even just my day-to-day things. They are they perfect length for wearing with booties and don't shimmy up when I pair them with my OTK boots. Something about the dark wash jean with a light wash chambray screams spring weather to me!
My second pair, that I am actually still on the hunt for, is a high rise black jean. I have two right now and neither of them are really fulfilling my wants/needs anymore. They have become worn out and just don't fit right, so I have been looking. The ones I have my eyes on currently these distressed ones I haven't felt like making that commitment just yet, so I am currently waiting out to see what other black denim arrivals we will be getting in soon! 
My last pair is something that I have seen everywhere, but I haven't quite figured out how to do them the best for fall/winter. I have some great ideas for them up my sleeve for this spring/summer, so I know they will get so much use then. Check out these cropped, released hem, mom style jeans in a medium wash. I am so excited to get to style them for the warmer weather that I hope will come any day now!
What jean + denim trends are you seeing and loving? What are your tried and true denim brands? Thanks for reading!

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