3 DRESSES | 6 LOOKS: SNOWCOMING EDITION ✩ (ft. model Lexi Ragaller)


Fabi again. If you know me, you know I LOVE bold patterns, pieces, and looks. “Plain Jane” is definitely not a term I would use describe myself (or Lexi Ragaller for that matter.)
I initially met Lexi when we randomly- out of the blue, decided to do a little photoshoot through WTD. 
It was truly a bohemian < < D R E A M > > 
I next worked with Lexi for the Aveda fashion show in early 2018.

I loved the styles of all of the stores + boutiques in our small town,  but again, I ended up gravitating towards Lexi’s bold wardrobe since it was something I would 100% wear. 
fun fact: the looks pictured were styled by us, and all hair + makeup was done by Aveda stylists for their charity campaign!
OH!! one other thing:
once we sell out of a piece- it’s usually gone-zo. I still have buyers remorse since I didn’t get the checkered trousers. They were too dang cute :-( 
A Few months following the fashion show, we shot her senior pictures. 
I’ll only show one because I feel like she’s probably more excited to post them than I am.
Just trust me when I say that they were all B E A U T I F U L
We drove to Okoboji Iowa and just…created.
They truly are my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. So incredibly beautiful.
did you know most of the pieces Lexi wore for her senior pictures are from the store? This dress, in particular, is still available for $64!
A few days ago someone candidly mentioned how close the high school snowcoming dances were, I KNEW I had to shoot with Lex.
I texted her, set up the date, date neared, came, and we got to creating again. 
It took us about five minutes of tossing ideas back and forth before we decided “t-shirts + dresses” was the direction we were going in.
We all fell in love with the idea not only because of how edgy it would look, but because it would repurpose one dress for multiple wears. 
if you’re anything like me, you probably have an addiction to buying cool dresses that look way too pretty to wear in a casual setting. 
I swear, once I buy one, it’s destined to live months on months in my closet.
these combinations fix that problem
T-SHIRT: $29 // EARRINGS: $18 // HEELS: $38 // DRESS: $68
the ultimate combination of “preppy + edgy” 
The pearly fabric looks dainty paired with the black collar of the dress, the bold t-shirt, and the strappy suede heels. 
When it came down to jewelry, we were stuck for a little bit. 
A necklace was quickly ruled out due to the collar piece being so bold so earrings were the obvious choice. 
To bring some color up to the face, we added in our handmade Wild Heart Gypsy Soul earrings and we LOVED how it elevated the look.
The earrings give off a 70’s vibe but paired with the base style, it created a funky, more casual "going out" look. 
CHOKER: $7 // COAT: $98 // T-SHIRT: $40 // BOOTS: $22 // PURSE: $48
an “I don’t care” attitude with a little dash of “I tried, but not that hard” 
I recently have been into shows based in England/the U.K. and I feel like that ONE punk, rock chick is a prevalent character in most series. 
This look was made for the said archetype. 
The alpha t creates an “I don’t care” attitude while the velvet adds a little touch of “I tried, but not that hard”.
All combined together created the perfect “rebel” snowcoming look.
T-SHIRT $29 // DRESS $58 // JACKET $72 // EARRINGS $32 // NECKLACE: $17 // LETTER NECKLACE: $24 // BOOTIES: $44
modern western romance
As I’m sure it’s become prevalent, each of these looks reminds me of someone or a type of person. 
But this last look reminds me of a location. 
I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason, this gives me a “modernized western” vibe. 

I definitely can see this look being rocked in southern cities like Nashville Tennessee or Dallas Texas. 
The frilly, cream dress has a pop of abstract dots that tie in perfectly with the print on the t-shirt.
The boots- despite being afraid that it’d be "too much"- ties perfectly in with the flow of round, “animal” prints in the overall look.
Did I leave you wanting more  looks? head over to our Instagram for more dress options over the next few weeks!
happy Wednesday everyone :) 
“W E D N E S D A Y
It’s almost, sorta, kinda, close to, just about, nearly
T H E  W E E K E N D “

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